Company Overview

The LIFCO group was established over five decades ago and has successfully grown into a premier company, accomplished a leader status in the marketing, distribution, logistics and trade of a world class portfolio of food products and allied services, generating an annual total turnover of over 500 million US Dollars. In 1952, our parent firm, Lebanese Fruit Company, was established in Lebanon In 1962, our operations expanded to Monrovia in Liberia, and later in 1975, LIFCO was established in the United Arab Emirates.

The LIFCO group presently operates in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Sultanate of Oman, Qatar and China. We are constantly seeking new avenues and opportunities. In the U.A.E., the group has five companies under its flagship.

Our Strategy

We believe in partnership - with our suppliers as well as customers. We aggresively build brands by applying most innovative ideas in the field. We work based on comprehensive business plans to set targets and objectives and achieve results.

Our success lies in our enviable service to our customers round the clock.

Brands And Category

Leading agents and distributors of multinational branded food products comprised of frozen, chilled and dry foods. Exclusive distribution rights of over 40 international brands.