RS (Rafael Salgado) Spain

Rafael Salgado

Producer: Oleosalgado, S.A.

Olive Varieties: Cornicabra, Hojiblanca and Nevadillo Blanco

Maximum Acidity: 0.8°

Color: Transparent, Golden Tones.

Organoleptic Description: Its mild flavor suggests a delicate taste of dried fruit and spanish olives.

Production Area: Toledo and Malaga.

Sun White (Sunrice) Australia

If you enjoy cooking delicious and easy meals, then you'll enjoy cooking with SunRice regular rices. From fried rice and stir-fries, to hearty soups and tempting desserts, you'll find an ideal rice for your everyday family meal with SunRice regular rices.

SunRice Long Grain White Rice when cooked has a soft and tender, fluffy texture with separating grains. The most popular all purpose rice, it is suitable for Asian style dishes, rice salads and fried rice. Sunrice Long Grain White Rice is available in 500g, 1kg Pour & Store, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg packs.

SunRice Thick Sliced and Thin Rice Cakes are made using 100% Australian grown wholegrain brown rice and are packed full of natural goodness.

SunRice Thick Sliced and Thin Rice can be eaten straight out of the pack, or topped with your favorite ingredients. Why not try light cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers or shaved turkey, rocket and cranberry.

Al Shifa - Saudi Arabia

Guaranteed to be 100% pure and natural, Al Shifa honey is the proud recipient of the quality mark by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO).

Al Shifa honey is available in a variety of flavors: Acacia, Orange, Black Forest and Lime, in addition to our more popular Multi-flora and Golden Nectar flavors, and sold in various pack sizes.

Frico (Friesland Foods) Holland

Frico is a brand of Dutch cheeses made from milk from Friesan cows. The range includes traditional brands such as Edam, Gouda and Maasdam as well as a number of specialty cheeses. Frico has a rich history for more than 110 years and is known and loved worldwide.

The cheeses are naturally ripened and crafted by experienced cheese-makers to provide the pure goodness and authentic taste of nature at its best.

Frico began as a cooperation in 1898 when six dairy factories joined forces to form the foundation of Friesian Cooperative Dairy Export Association. It is now one of the main brands of the multinational dairy company FrieslandCampina.

Frico uses premium ingredients to ensure its authentic Dutch cheeses taste consistently superior. Three key factors are essential to the production of Frico cheeses: origin, craftsmanship and natural goodness.

Pittas - Cyprus

Pittas Dairy Industries Ltd. gradually passed to the second generation management, led by brothers Athos, Yiannos and Menelaos Pittas. The three brothers maintained the innovative culture of the company and were the first to use pasteurisation in the production process investing heavily on new technology and equipment for raising capacity while at the same time attaining the highest levels of food safety. Today the company is a leading dairy processor on the island, employing more than 200 people and distributing its products to nearly 3,000 retail points throughout Cyprus.

Pittas is also the leading exporter of dairy products commanding a share of more than 50% of the dairy exports volume, with a strongly identifiable brand in the Middle East, European and US markets due to its long standing presence and the strong promotional strategies adopted.

Today, a diverse range of dairy products carries the Pittas brand all of them made to traditional recipes with halloumi and kefalotiri cheeses carrying the brand's flagship. For these products, the decades of expertise in terms of production and marketing is key in sustaining a leading advantage.

The company has a well organized procurement team with fully equipped tank trucks that collect milk from farms throughout Cyprus. Milk is analysed at the point of collection and subsequent samples are taken at all levels of production process to the final product.
Chemical and microbiological test are carried out by an in-house fully equipped chemical laboratory. The company has adopted since 1997 the HACCP model for total internal control in the production and has also been awarded an ISO 9002 certification.

Hajdu - Hungary

Hajdu Hungarian Kashkaval

This is a kashkaval-type cheese with the characteristic full, tasty, and slightly salty flavour that reminds us of nuts. It can be easily cut, it is stiff but when bent it breaks, and when eaten it crumbles. It is perfect when sliced, grated or used for pizza, and it is magnificent when fried in breadcrumbs.

Sunbulah - Saudi Arabia

The Sunbulah range of frozen pastries is considered by many to be a household item for its superior quality and multi-purpose use.

The pastries are made in our state-of-the-art production facilities using the best ingredients available.

Therefore, more individual consumers and professional caterers depend on Sunbulah products everyday, whether they are making French Vol-au-vents, Arabic Sanbosak (Samosa), or homemade pizza prepared with our pizza-crust.
Regilait - France
Established in 1947, Régilait is the world leader in instant granulated milk powders and a major player on the condensed milk and infant milk markets. Régilait has well-established operations in over 60 countries.

Régilait is a subsidiary of the two leading French dairy cooperatives in France (Sodiaal and Laïta), which collect the milk of over 17,000 dairy farmers, all enthusiastically committed to their work.

RÉgilait’s main production site is located in Burgundy, near Mâcon,
Laita - France
Paysan Breton sells its products in France and abroad through supermarkets, hypermarkets and catering sector.

Butters, whether moulded, in tubs or in individual portions, are available in three varieties: unsalted, half-salted and Guérande salt. LAÏTA also produces different cheeses: hard cooked cheeses (emmental), soft cheeses (camembert, brie), fresh cheeses (the whipped cream cheese Madame Loïk) and speciality cheeses (La Baguette de Kernével, La Galette, La Brique).
Regalpicon - France
Established 45 years ago in the Middle East under the Regal Picon® name, the Middle East's most famous brand of spreadable cheese is today known as Jibnet Abou Al Walad®, literally "cheese for the child". Available in different packs, 8 Portion, 16 Portion, 24 Portion and 32 Portion.
Nordex Food - Denmark
NORDEX FOOD is a privately owned Danish dairy food company that specializes in the production of white cheeses, which traditionally come from the countries around the Mediterranean.
Montehristo and Unigrana also coming under Nordex.
For the last 25 years, we have taken our inspiration from the great white cheese world and sent our cheeses back to these countries with thanks for letting us borrow from their proud traditions. And since we export 97% of our cheeses and have won many international awards, we are happy to be known as the cheese specialists.Our three dairies in Denmark, Austria and Romania working together offer one of the world’s largest selections of white cheeses spanning a range of well-known brand names. In addition, we distribute other high-quality dairy products from selected suppliers
Astra - Saudi Arabia
Astra - Saudi Arabia (Quails)

ASTRA has a modern poultry farm equipped with the latest monitoring technology. With an integrated operation system of parent stock farms, hatcheries, broiler farms, slaughterhouse, and a layer farm, it provides domestic and foreign markets with hatching eggs, day-old-chicks, live and dressed chicken and table eggs.

Additionally, ASTRA was the first to introduce quails to the Saudi market, creating popular demand and becoming the largest quail farm in the world. The capacity of quality controlled quail production reached 12 million birds a year maintaining the biggest share in the Kingdom and the Gulf market. The farm won the Quail Quality Award from Italy in 1995.

ASTRA chickens and quails are well known for excellent taste and being free of non-natural residuals, resulting in healthy products.
Goldalex - Egypt
Gulf Egyptian Center It was founded in 1990. Gulf Egyptian Center is actively specialized since then in exporting frozen vegetables and fruits, all highly selected and of high quality under the company’s private owned brand Gold Alex. Mr. M.Tarek directed all his efforts for increasing the exports of the frozen vegetables and fruits year after year, and therefore managed to earn a very prominent place and one of the best reputations in the industry for the high quality of Gold Alex range of products.
Bostoliva - Spain
Eaten since 3,000 BC, olives are one of the oldest foods in the world. They originated in Greece and quickly gained popularity. In addition to eating olives, ancient peoples used olive trees for shelter, fuel and medicine. The olive tree is a symbol of wisdom and peace, and is represented in the Bible, Greek mythology and Egyptian art.

Olives and olive oil are a rich source of healthy monounsaturated fats. Healthy fats are essential to your good health, and should contribute approximately 30 percent of the calories to your diet. Monounsaturated fats -- also found in canola oil, avocados, almonds, hazelnuts, and pumpkin and sesame seeds -- lowers harmful LDL cholesterol, raises beneficial HDL cholesterol and prevents heart disease and stroke, according to the American Heart Association. On average, a half-cup of olives contains 77 calories, 4 g of carbohydrates, 7 g of fat and zero cholesterol.
Vonk - EU